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By Crusader1307

''Tasseography'' is another form of Divination, which is commonly referred to as ''Tea Leaf'' Reading. Many Cultures practiced this ''Art'', by which the raw (cooked) tea leaves (wet), are left at the bottom of a Cup and when the Requester is finished with their consumption, a Reader ''interprets'' the general pattern and placement of the leaves, to determine One's ''Fortune and Luck'' (or bad). In later years, Coffee grounds and the sediments from fresh Wine were used in a similar fashion. The origins of Tasseography may go back as far as Ancient Egypt, but were more commonly recognized in Central Europe around the 10th Century AD. Some Users of this form of Divination have specially designed Cups for use. These are often called ''Zodiac Cups'', due to their having Zodiac symbolism painted onto both the Cup and it's saucer. The practice was hugely popular in Great Britain in the 19th Century with the revival of Mediumship.