• Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

The tale of The Takaonna is well known in Japan. A Feudal Legend, it tells the story of a rather ugly woman who may have been a Prostitute. Working in a Brothel, many Men could care less about Her looks. But when She was not ''working'', She would go to Town and try to ''live'' as a ''normal and honorable woman''. She encountered a very handsome young man and became smitten. But She was aware of her ugliness and never approached Him. Time passed. Every time She could, She would go to Town to ''see'' Her unrequited love. In time She died. But Her Spirit (Yokai), could not rest. She (now called Takaonna or ''Tall Woman''), wandered the Earth still looking for Her ''lost love''. Her Ghost was described as looking as a rather normal Japanese woman, but incredibly tall. As such, Takaonna can now peer into the second floor rooms of couples ''in love'', to view what she could have in life. ''Seeing'' Takaonna can be bad luck as well. If either a Man or Woman does, their relationship will end.