• Legends From Around The World
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 The so named ''Hill Folk'' of The Appalachian Mountains (whose Range stretches from Southern New York State, through portions of Georgia and Alabama), tell Tales of many strange Creatures and Beings, many of which have never been proven or disproven (even today). The Tailypo is one of them. Perhaps related to even older Native American Legends, ''It'' is seen a a ''Demon'' in the form of a large Canine-like Beast. Hill Folk will tell you that Tailypo is not ''supernatural'' but a powerful Beast that is from a long extinct species of animal.

The Legend states that a Hunter was in His Cabin one night – when He heard His hounds barking loudly. Grabbing His Shotgun, The Man exited His Cabin and thought he saw a form off in the woods. He fired his gun and heard a spine-chilling growl0like scream. The Man released His Hounds and went to investigate. He found a long, black leathery tail (which He had apparently shot off). Not knowing just what animal it belonged to, He took the piece into His Cabin.

Later that night, The Man hears a voice through His door. The voice says ''Tailypo''. The Man determines that it is the Creature He shot at and that it has returned for His missing body part. The Man released a Hound to chase the Creature away. The dog succeeded, by was killed during His protection of His Master. Later again that night, The Creature return and again The Man sent a Hound. The result was repeated until The Hunter had no more Dogs left!

The Man hid the Tail of The Beast inside His Cabin and -grabbing His Shotgun, went out for a final battle with The Beast. Although He fought valiantly – He was killed, slashed beyond recognition. The Beast searched The Cabin but could not find His missing tail. As such, on certain nights, One can still hear the Beast cry ''Tailypo'' as ''It'' searches for His missing tail. And woe befall any human who stumbles across The Creature.