Tai Tang Klom

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Another ''tale'' of Ghosts from Thailand – and related to the previously discussed Phi Tai Hong, The ''Spirits'' called The Tai Tang Klom are associated with malevolent Ghosts. The primary Entity is a Mother and the secondary - her Baby. You see, it is said – that should a woman and child die during childbirth, The Klom is born. Much more powerful than other Spirits, this is die to the fact that two paranormal forces are at play. The Klom normally haunts locations were expectant Mothers are. Perhaps as a warning to take care of oneself or a warning to those who do not take care of the pregnant Mothers. The Entities appear as they did in life, only slightly ''off'' in their skin color (whitish). Peace for them is based on a Mother or Child being ''saved'' from dying during the function of birth. In a variation of the story, as if also an unfortunate and even more terrifying actual historical fact – some pregnant Mothers and Children were sacrificed by Thai Warlords in the 14th Century AD, with their bodies being buried in the foundations of fortifications being built. It was thought that the ''Motherly'' instinct of ''protectiveness'' would reinforce the walls of the fortress. In these cases, The Spirits are forever locked to their Earthbound ''prison'' (as a Classic ''Haunting'').