• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

In South Africa in particular Zulu Culture, The Tagati was the local ''Witch Doctor'' or Shaman. A powerful figure, The Tagati even commanded ''respect'' from Zulu Royalty, due to their ''immense power'' and connection to The Gods. These people were also masters of herbal medicines and folk remedies (many of which are still used today in South Africa. The Tagati were also Master Poisoners. While such skills were not necessarily seen as ''Evil'' (whereas some poisons were seen as beneficial), their skills were no doubt used for such (especially when trying to ''cement'' a claim to The Zulu Royal Hierarchy!) By and large, The Tagati was seen as a Healer and ''in tune with'' The Deities of Zulu Culture. Tagati were seen as ''born''. Often, a Tagati was ''known'' even before they were born. Traditionally, a Tagati had to be Male. Once born, a Candidate lived with His Family, but was not allowed to join a Military Kraal and learn to be a Warrior. They further were not allowed to farm or tend Cattle. Around 10 years of age, a future Tagati was ''sent'' to the oldest such in The Tribe to be taught The ''Craft''. This ''practice'' was continued thru time as the accepted method of recruitment.