Swords of The Round Table

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

 Many of King Arthur's Round Table Knights named their swords. Although most were attributed with "magical gifts", the naming of swords was a common activity in The Middle Ages (with nobility). Most of these "legendary blades" were no doubt of the Straight Sword variety. Often seen as the "Soul of The Knight" - these blades were given almost human qualities. Moreover, most of these special swords had it's own legend with regards to how they were made. IT may have been in battle, or through great deeds or even romance. Here are just a few of the "known names" of some of Arthur's Knight's swords:

King Arthur used "Excalibur"
Sir Balin used "The Sword With The Red Hilt"
Sir Percival used "The Great Sword"
Sir Lancelot used "Arondight" and "Secace"
Sir Gawain used "Galantine"
Sir Galahad used "The Sword With The Red Hilt" AFTER Sir Balin was killed. His first sword's name is unknown.
Sir Tristan used "Iseult"
Sir Geraint used "Enid"
Sir Gareth used "Beaumains"
Sir Belvidere used "Olwen"