Sundel Bolong

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The Filipino Myth of The Sundel Bolong states that this is a ''Wraith Spirit'' closely associated with Prostitutes who have been killed by their ''Customers''. Their bodies were often hidden in the jungle or buried with religious rite. Even Local Police would spend no time ''worrying'' about a vanished ''Woman of The Night''. Into this imaginative ''land of nightmare'', The Bolong was born. Seen as a ''beautiful woman'' with ''long black hair'', She wears the color while. Her ''face'' is unseen. However, under closer observation, One might notice the gaping hole in Her Back (representing a horrible murder wound). The Bolong is said to entice Men into some dark alley or corridor. She will then castrate them, leaving them to bleed to death. The Bolong is also known to take newborns (seen as replacements for the child She could never have). Some cite She ''consumes them''. The best ''offense'' against a Bolong is to quite simply....''don't go into dark alley's with beautiful strange women!''