Sugar Grove Tree Cemetery

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Monmouth, Illinois is noted for a particularly unusual tale from The Blackhawk Indian Wars of the 1830s. Colonists formed Militias and fought a fairly unjust War against several Tribes in the Region. The result was the acquisition of thousands upon thousands of acres. In Monmouth, a sect of The Sauk Tribe was credited with an attack on the Town. To avenge themselves, a Militia found them and slaughtered most to a Man (and Woman and Child). Later it was determined that while it was Native Americans who attacked, it was NOT The Sauk. Regardless, The Town would take over the ground that was the battlefield and turn it into The Town Cemetery. Perhaps as a means of addressing their guilt for the mistake, a Sauk body not taken by survivors was buried in ''consecrated'' ground. They even crafted a headstone for The Warrior – simply ''Indian, Son of Abraham'' (referencing The Bible). But apparently this ''act'' did more ''harm that good''. Since the 1840s, Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery (as it was later named), is seen as the place of extreme Paranormal Activities. It is said that at night (late night), One may ''hear'' the mournful wailing of Native American Women. Additionally, the temperature is much colder in the cemetery that it is outside the wrought iron fencing. Finally, ''sensitive people'' often feel ''dread and fear'' – perhaps lingering emotions from the hundreds of Native Americans who died there.