• Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

The term ''Stregheria'' is one that applied to a form of European (in particular Italian) ''Folk Magic''. The very name is taken from archaic Italian for ''Witchcraft'' (10th Century AD). The practice came to The Americas with Italian Immigrants, possibly as early as the 18th Century where it flourished among The Poor. Stregheria was found in Cities as well as small Towns. While not necessarily used for Evil purposes, Stregheria was known to be used to make various potions used to ''curse'' or to ''induce'' Persons against their will. Traditionally, most of it's Rituals involved various forms of ''Earth Magic'' (Healing). Much of Stregherian Deities are very similar to some Wiccan ones (Moon Goddess and The Horned God). It is still known to be practiced.