Stone Tape

  • The Paranormal World
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By Crusader1307

A Paranormal ''theory'' used to explain ''why'' certain Ghosts and Spirits are ''drawn to or attached to'' physical residences (such as Houses, Castles, etc). The basis of the theory state that the cause of death or torment allows this ''negative energy'' to be soaked up by stone material (rock). Trapped (as it were), various circumstances can be used to ''activate'' this energy, which in turn ''is replayed'' from both the moment of death to the current time frame. Such ''energy'' is trapped, allowing a ''Ghost'' to take corporeal form. As long as the rock or stone is kept intake, such ''hauntings'' are timeless. Such ''Stone Tape'' Theories were first advanced by Paranormal Researchers in the 19th Century AD (however without the benefit of tape machines, the phenomenon was sometimes called ''Singing Stones''). In the 1970s, the term ''Stone Tape'' was actively used. No specific type stone or rock is required, only the ''tragic act''. Skeptics cite that ''Stone Tapes'' or nothing more than extensions of the ''haunting mythos'' (stories) of the particular location.