St. Grobain

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By Crusader1307

For many Centuries, ''St. Grobain'' was thought to be The ''Patron Saint of The Obscene''. Grobain's ''Cult'' was developed in 15th Century AD Germany by Satirist Sebastian Brant who stated He was ''real''. Oddly, People of The Era believed Him (despite the strong denial of The Church). Grobain became known as an archaic word for a ''sloppy or buffoonish'' Person. Brant's writing's caused such a stir that St. Grobain was widely worshiped and ''He'' was often invoked for all manner of perversion. In an odd link to then Medical thought (which had some authentication), the physical Act of ''holding'' One's urine, bodily ''gases'' and vomit, was deemed dangerous. And while the Act of ''producing such'' in Public was (and is) crass and ill-advised doing so then and invoking the ''name'' of St, Grobain, was accepted as legal. Grobain's ''identity'' as a ''fake Saint'' would prevail until the 16th Century AD.