St. Cecilia

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By Crusader1307

St. Cecilia was a reputed Catholic Martyr of the Early Church. A Noblewoman, She converted secretly to the ''new'' Christian Religious. Her Parents joined Her in marriage to a cruel Pagan Lord. Cecilia began to protest and pray (thru singing) constantly day and night (asking for God to deliver Her). When the time came for marriage, Cecilia refused Her new Husband. She even went so far as to confess Her new found Religion (which was NOT popular at the time in Rome). So enraged, He ordered Her beheaded (as was fitting for any Roman Citizen). But the Executioner was unskilled, and He only partially severed Her Head. It was said Cecilia lived (without pain – but without movement) – for days until She died. Legend states that she was buried in a Tomb in Rome. Centuries later in 1599, Cecilia was to be honored with Sainthood – when Her remains were examined. Rather than finding dust and bones, it was said that Cecilia's body was incorrupt. It was further recorded that ''She appeared to be asleep''. Her remains were translated to the Church which bears Her name as well as Her physical remains. The Funerary ''Mortis statue'' over Her Crypt was carved in the 17th Century and is said to be the exact likeness of how Her remain ''looked'' when rediscovered. However The Church has resisted any further examinations. Cecilia is deemed The Patron of Music and Musicians.