St. Agnes of Rome

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By Crusader1307

Born in The Late 2nd Century AD – Agnes of Rome was a Christian Martyr with an extremely unique tale. Said to have been a Roman Noblegirl, Her beauty was beyond compare (considering She was but 12 at her death). The eye to many Roman Noblemen for a Bride, She refused all due to Her being a professed Christian. This came to light of Emperor Diocletian who demanded that She be ''tormented''. Dragged thru the street naked and taken to a Brothel, enroute – Agnes prayed for deliverance to God. Her hair began to grow and eventually covered all Her ''exposed flesh''. Still, soldiers gave Her to The House Madam for ''use''. But every Man who tried to rape Agnes, were struck blind. When one of the Soldiers (the Son of a Roman Officer) – tried to abuse Agnes, He was struck dead. But pious Agnes began to pray for the dead boy, who was miraculously ''given Life back''. This so impressed The Officer, that He let Agnes go.


But Her freedom did not last long. Taken prisoner yet again, Agnes was placed into on Public Trial and torture by The Emperor. Tied up to be burnt at The Stake, every time The Executioner lit the bundles of wood under Her feet, the flames went out. This ''spectacle'' continued to a solid hour. The Emperor grew enraged and ordered Her Head to be cut off – which was done. Agnes corpse was collected by The Faithful. Eventually, She was made a Saint of The Church with Her bones being venerated and placed into The Altar of a The Church of St. Agnes in Rome. But Her skull was placed in a Reliquary for Public veneration. ''It'' has said to have provided curative benefits for true believers.