Spirit Houses

  • Funerary Customs & Traditions
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By Crusader1307

The concept of ''Spirit Houses'' are common with many different World Cultures. Among The Native American (Canadian) Dakelh Peoples, the custom is Centuries old. The Dakelh trace their History to 14,000 years ago. A complicated ''Death Tradition'' among The First Nation Tribe, they believe that Spirits of their Ancestors ''need'' permanent Residences in the Afterlife to be happy. Should this not be accomplished great misfortune could befall the errant Family that does not construct one. Built of wood, The Dakelh Spirit House is an elevated structure. They are small in size (3-feet in height and several feet in width. Elaborately decorated (to include windows and doors), offerings of food and gifts are left. The more food and gifts left, the happier The Spirit will be. The House is built on the property of The Family of the deceased.