Soul Cake

  • Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

Deriving from the 15th Century in England ''Soul Cakes'' are sweet bread made of different spices. They could include raisins, dried fruit etc. - baked into them. A Cross was cut into the bread prior to rising in a fire. This produced the image onto the top. By tradition, Soul Cakes were made to remember The Dead and The Saints of The Church. By way of biblical requirements, The Cakes were also given to The Poor of a Town as food. In time, when All Hallow's Eve was forming in it's earliest practice, Children would dress as The Dead. They would come to Homes requesting food as a means of appeasing them and keeping them from terrorizing the home. Soul Cakes were given out to them as well. In a Church setting, Soul Cakes were brought from Home and blessed by a Priest, prior to distribution again on All Soul's Day. The tradition can still be found on The Northeastern Coast of The United States and portions of The United Kingdom.