Sleep Paralysis

  • The Paranormal World
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By Crusader1307

A common bodily phenomenon that has been experienced by nearly all Humans (in some form) ''Sleep Paralysis'' is a type of disorder by which a Person, just prior to waking from sleep, feels immobile (in body movement) but is acutely ''aware'' that He or She cannot. This effect causes instant fear and is often attributed to Paranormal Activity and even perceived by some, as ''demonic'' in nature. Often those who experience the effect cite an ''unnatural weight'' bearing down on them, as if some ''unseen Force'' was doing such. This is found in various ''deep sleep'' conditions. In The Middle Ages, such activity was seen as Demonic in nature, relating to Possession. The many sciences of The Mind and body were as of yet unknown. The more Modern interpretation (through Sleep Science examination), finds that often a Person who leads a ''busy life'', often cannot ''turn off'' their Mind when they drift into Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM). Upon waking, these people activate their sensory perceptions faster than their body can react with regards to muscle actions. The effect is immobility. Often influenced by religious indoctrination, some allude to prayer as a means of removing such immobility. But, these are preconceptions created as a means to explain the phenomenon without standard science only. However, in some cases Paranormal Activity has been attributed to forms of Sleep Paralysis (as several well documented cases have shown). However, these cases are mostly rare in actuality. Fear or stress are still the most commonly accepted forms of why the effect happens.