Sir Palamedes

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

An unusual character found in some Arthurian variations, Sir Palamedes may be closer linked to the start of The First Crusades, and was used to show the differences (and similarities) between the two cultures of Europe and The Middle East. His origins appear around the 13th Century with Writer Luce de Gat. Palamedes was a Saracen Fighter who converted to Christianity and began to journey through Europe. He made his way to Ireland, where he enrolls in a Tournament and wins with great honor. This news made it's way to King Arthur and his Court. Impressed, Arthur knights Palamedes (although with the general disapproval of his other Knights). Palamedes will eventually prove his worth to these Knights. Palamedes was one of The Grail Quest Knights. He was killed with his Enemy using his own Spear against him. The Enemy took The Spear and gave it to Mordred.