Sir Lucan

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

Sir Lucan appears regularly in The Arthurian Legend Cycle, and was The “Butler” to King Arthur (although the Title meant an entirely different thing in the early Middle Ages). Lucan was the Personal Servant and Aide to King Arthur, and as such held and even more important position in Court than even Lancelot. Charged with maintaining The Royal Court, Sir Lucan was responsible for “assembling” The Knights of The Round Table upon Arthur's wish. Sir Lucan was also present in defense of The King against Mordred at The Battle of Cammlann. In some versions of The Arthurian Legend, it was Lucan who carried Excalibur to The “Lady of The Lake”. In others, Sir Lucan was responsible for taking a mortally wounded Arthur to safety – before dying from his own battle wounds.