Sir Lancelot

  • The Arthurian Legend
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

Better known as Lancelot du Lac, he was by far one of the best known and enduring Legends of The Arthurian Myth. King Arthur’s steadfast Knight and personal Champion, Lancelot has been featured in many off-shoot legends, most of which began in The Romanticism Age of the 19th Century. He was seen as the ideal of Chivalry and most desired by any Medieval Lady – in particular and including one Queen Guinevere. The most standard telling of Lancelot’s exploits are not found as much in Mallory’s “Le Morte”, but much later. In these 17th Century beginnings, Lancelot is portrayed as an invincible Knight – never “bested” in combat. An expert Soldier, he strictly followed religious vows and was avowed as Chaste. Son of a great French King, he answered King Arthur’s call for Knights and was given a prime seat on Arthur’s “right hand’’ at The Round Table (much to the distaste of many English Knights). Further into The Romantic Era telling, Lancelot (by then Arthur’s trusted best friend), falls in love with Arthur’s wife, Queen Guinevere (who fells the same). This is, by the day’s standards – a treasonous act. The illicit affair goes on, with the knowledge of most of Arthur’s Nobles without Arthur having a clue. The story goes through turns such as many of Arthur’s Knights challenging The Queen’s honor (to entice Lancelot into Combat and to ultimately admitting the truth to Arthur). Determined  true, Arthur plans to have Guinevere executed for Treason, with Lancelot (predictably) saving her. This leads to a split in Arthur’s Knights (with much agitation by Arthur’s Son Mordred) – leading to civil war and the eventual death of Arthur at Cammlann. Some versions of Lancelot’s story have him coming out of retirement (he became a Hermit) – and fighting to the death with his former King. Other’s have his whereabouts cryptic at best.