Sir Kay

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

Half-Brother (Step) to King Arthur, Sir Kay was noted as a bragard and somewhat of a bully. It was he, as a young Knight, who traveled to Tournament to try and win a chance at remove the Legendary Sword Excalibur from The Stone (as Champions were given) – in The Arthurian Legend. Arthur was Squire to Sir Kay and was tasked to maintain his Step-Brothers Armor and Weapons. Losing his Sword, Arthur had to try and find a new one. As Legend states, he found an “old Sword” stick in a Stone and decided to borrow it. Unknown to him, when he freed Excalibur – he would become rightful King. Arthur gave The Sword to Sir Kay, who could have claimed it – but realized that he was not the “Chosen One”. He gave it to his “new” Liege – Arthur. An early character in The Arthurian Saga in most accountings, Sir Kay was also featured in other Arthurian Tales. He is seen until the final Battle at Camlann in which Arthur died. He is not mentioned as being present and his final “end” is not recorded in most versions.