Sir Gawain

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

Friend to Lancelot du Luc, Sir Gawain was actually related to King Arthur – as his Nephew. His Mother was Arthur's Sister, Morgause. Gawain appears very early in The Arthurian Legend. Most Legends have Gawain as the next most likely choice to rule Camelot after Arthur's demise. Gawain was given somewhat “magical” abilities with regards to his fighting abilities. It was said that his strength grew with Sunlight. At Noon, Gawain's physical strength was said to be “3 times” that of the strongest Man in The Kingdom of Camelot. Naturally, as the Sun set, so too did Gawain's power wane. Gawain was seen as a Champion of The Poor and Weak. He was also a Protector of Children and of Maidens. Many of his exploits center around his rescuing Ladies in distress. So much so, that he was often dubbed The “Maiden's Knight”. King and Courteous, Gawain was fair and honest in Combat. He seldom took life (but was not adverse to it if necessary). He was a Penitent to The Virgin Mary. Gawain's greatest tale involves his battles with The “Green Knight”, a supernatural Being set against him during his portion of The Grail Quest.