Sir Gareth

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

Nephew to King Arthur, Sir Gareth appeared in Mallory's “Le Morte” version of The Arthurian Legend. He is most often featured in tales associated with Sir Lancelot and The Grail Quests. His origins tell of how he came to Camelot in the guise of a Kitchen Helper (tin the attempt to prove his worth as Knight to Arthur). Suffering abuse, his grace in dealing with such caused him to be noticed and eventually rewarded with a Knighthood under Arthur and The Round Table. His end came by accident, when Sir Lancelot came to rescue Queen Guinevere from Camelot (facing death for her affair with same). Lancelot slew many that day – including Gareth. It was told that he sought forgiveness from Arthur for doing such, which was apparently granted.