Sir Bedivere

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

A Knight of King Arthur's Round Table, Sir Bedivere was also King Arthur's Marshal. Good Friend to Sir Kay, Bedivere was Brother to Sir. Lucan. An early character in The Arthurian Cycle, he was also one of the first to be given a Knightly “Quest”. His was to rescue a Maiden from capture by a fierce Giant. One of Arthur's last Knights left standing at The Battle of Cammlann (between Arthur and Mordred's Forces), it was Bedivere who was instructed by a fatally wounded Arthur, to take his Sword Excalibur and return to the safekeeping of The “Lady of The Lake”. Realizing the importance of The Sword, Bedivere could not bring himself to simply toss Excalibur into the water. He hid it and returned to Arthur. The King “knew” that Bedivere had lied and again ordered him to return Excalibur. Bedivere this time followed his Liege's request. Taking Excalibur to The “Lady”, he threw it to her care. Upon his return to Arthur, he was dead. Later Arthurian Legends place Sir Bedivere as joining a Hermitage to live his life out in contemplative prayer (as did several other Arthurian Characters). His Abbey was rumored to be near where Arthur was buried, near Canterbury.