Sir Accolon

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

Somewhat obscure within The Arthurian Legend, Sir Accolon was said to be from Gaul (Ancient France). Per Mallory's ''Le Mort'' Saga, Accolon was in love with the evil Morgana Le Fey (Arthur's Sister and Antagonist to Merlin). Per The Saga, when Accolon and King Arthur met, Accolon did not recognize him, and though him a ''rouge'' Knight. Challenging him to battle, it appeared that Accolon was winning and this angered Arthur. Per legend, Arthur must never wield his Sword Excalibur in ''personal anger'' (which he does). As a result, Excaliber is broken in the contest (although The Lady of The Lake restores it). The battle was too much for Accolon, who died of his wounds several days later. Many cite that this was another reason for Morgana's hatred of Arthur (having slain her love).