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By Crusader1307

 Known as ''The Whistler'', ''Silbon'' is a Legend of Revenge and Justice (depending on ''whose side'' your on). In Colombia, South America (and some other nearby Regions), the tale tells of a Young Man who married a Girl not approved of by His Father. After Dad killed His Wife Son enacted His own revenge by slicing Dad up to death. Dad's Dad (Grandfather) on hearing this, hired Men to track Him down and bring Him to ''His'' justice. The Grandson was tied to a Post and whipped to a point of death His back literally flayed raw and exposed, Grandpa ordered His wounds cleaned with Salt (alcohol in some accounts). Weakened and released, The Man was ordered to run into The Jungle pursued by Dogs that were rabid. Smelling the blood produced well, you can guess the rest!

Grandpa also cursed The Man, stating that His Soul was cursed to wander The Earth for all eternity, ''carrying'' a sack with The Bones of His Father. So has ''Silbon'' been seen (especially by Men who are cruel to their Parents). Silbon ''announces'' His ''presence'' by whistling. If One hears such in The Jungle or a lonely road, and it sounds ''far'' Silbon is near. Closer, means One has time to escape. Silbon kills His victims the same way He did His Fathers by slicing them up and ''taking'' their bones. Two things can save you. The cracking of a Whip, whose very sound which terrifies Silbon or the sound of a barking dog. So the next time your in South America, carry a Whip and bring a Dog with you on your journey.