• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Another form of Japanese ''Yokai'', unlike a traditional ''Ghost'' The Shikigami are ''created'' by a Sorcerer or Magician. These Beings are ''pure energy'' that is ''shaped'' into the shape of a ''small Human'' (1 to 2-feet in stature). Used to possess animals to allow their Master to control such, Shikigami can ''learn'' Human emotion and actually become such. Learning Humanity can be a problem for their Masters. When The Shikigami determine that they are ''Slaves'', they will kill their Masters for Freedom. Traditionally, according to Legend The Shikigami are invisible. They are made ''solid'' by the Sorcerer's creation of a paper doll. The Spirit then possesses said doll (for motion). Should the Doll be destroyed (by fire), so to is The Shikigami. Other tasks for the Spirit is to protect The Master from Demonic attacks.