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By Crusader1307

Another Japanese Yokai (Ghost or Spirit), The Shidaidaka are somewhat dangerous Entities. Known to ''target'' Hunters in deep woods, they are said to resemble a ''blob'' or ''unformed''. They do possess teeth and eyes, however. The Shidaidaka uses trickery to basically cause a Hunter to go insane or so confused, they get lost in the woods and often fall prey to wild animals or fall from cliffs. Their ''trick'' is such. IF you look directly at them, they will grow tall. IF you glance down, they grow small. IF you look over them they will grow to massive size. Over and over again, this phenomenon happens. The best method to counter? Turn your back to them and shut your eyes. They will begin to shrink from sight. Some Hunters were told to always carry an extra bullet blessed by a Priest or Shaman. Should the Hunter ''see'' The Shidaidaka, just before it disappears and shoots it, it will die (or at least that one will!)