Sheela Ng Gig

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By Crusader1307

 As we have seen with ''Gargoyles'' and ''Gargoulles'', the use of various Statuary in The Middle Ages for protection of property was common. Installing such ''grotesque' imaginary Creatures of the Roofs of Churches and Cathedrals was seem as a form of fighting ''fire with fire''. One far less common type was known The ''Sheela Ng Gig''. Although such statuary can be found in France, England, Germany and Spain - they were in far more wider usage in Ireland. The meaning of the name is difficult to find agreement with most Historians. Some cite that is relative to The Feminine Breast or even a combination of Male and Female ''Private Parts''. Which brings us to the composition of The Sheela Ng Gig.

These statuary pieces were carved to resemble (in grotesque and exaggerated fashion), Male and Human Females with ''overexposed'' genitalia. Now why One would find flaw with the portrayal especially with the somewhat prudish ideology of The Era, such work which was not supposed to really resemble a known Human, Male or Female, was considered a method of ''scaring off'' evil. Extremely lewd in fact, Female ''versions'' were more popular than Males statues. The Sheela may also harken back to more Pagan Times, in an early attempt to incorporate bot The ''Old Religion'' (Pagan) with The ''New'' (Christianity). Some cite that The Sheela were in fact a form of Fertility Image as well as a ''warning'' against ''Lust'' (a Sin). Very few have survived.