• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

The term ''Seior'' is equated with Ancient Scandinavian and related Norse Magic Beliefs (Pagan). It was used by various Priests and Priestesses as way to ''See or Foretell'' The Future. The use of animal bone, knotted ropes, blood and Runes, all came to play when The Seior was summoning His or Her ''power''. Even in Pagan Societies, The Seior was often avoided in Norse Society, causing most to live in secreted Caves fra away from the rest. They were also said to wear long hooded robes and avoided being seen except when their services were used (which was mostly by Warchiefs and Kings, prior to a War or Battle). With the advent of Christianity, The Seior Practice was seen as ''Demonic'' and akin to Witchcraft. Many who practiced The Craft were either ''run off'' or executed as such. Variations of Seior Magic is still found among Neo-Paganist Believers today.