Sed Ceremony

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By Crusader1307

An Ancient Egyptian Ceremony, The ''Sed Ceremony'' (or ''Festival of The Tail'')was a form of Jubilee which honored a Pharaoh that had ruled for 30 years. Prior to the establishment of The Old Kingdom – or 3,100 BC, many think that IF a Ruler could no longer ''rule'', He was murdered and replaced by a more ''capable'' Heir. This ritualistic ''removal'' may have been so marked by The Sed Festival. Later, The Ceremony was more out of honor than replacement. Named for The ''Wolf-God'' Sed (or Wepwawset), Ancient Rulers had a Wolf's Tail attached to the back of a ceremonial costume used for Sed. The goal of later Ceremonies were seen as a means of rejuvenating an ''older'' Pharaoh with ''strength''. Such Festivals could last for weeks.