Sazae Oni

  • Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

The Japanese tale of the Sazae Oni is a strange one. It deals with a type of supernatural creature that lives in the Sea off the Coast of Japan. The creatures are known to be shapeshifters and most commonly take the form of large Mollusks. But as the 15th century tale states, a particular Sazae Oni took the form of a beautiful female. ''Hapless'' – She was foundering in the Sea, drowning. Along come s a Ship of Pirates, who rescued The ''Girl''. She was so beautiful, that soon all the Pirates vied for Her ''intimate attentions'' (of which, as legend states – She was ''more than willing'' to accommodate all. But this was part of ''Her'' plan. After each ''act'', The Oni removed the testicles of the pirates – and then turned them to Gold. Revealing Her true form, a deal was made to exchange ''Gold for Gold''. This caused the Pirates to give away all they had ever taken as Pirates. Warnings were given and not go near the Sea if you are a well ''heeled'' Pirate! Another variation of the theme was that The Oni often take on the guise of a ''poor beggar'', starving for food. They come to an Inn and see if The Owner will feed them. IF He or She does, The Oni will take this ''kindness'' as an insult. As such, they will devour The Innkeeper and vanish by morning, leaving all to wonder ''what happened''.