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By Crusader1307

Or more appropriately ''La Sayona'', is a South American (Venezuela) Legend dealing with a Female Evil Spirit who seeks revenge against cheating Spouse's those who are Male. She is portrayed as a ''Woman in White'' (long dress and long Black concealing hair). Somewhat ''Modern'' (1950s) ''La Sayona'' uses a unique gimmick on Her victims. Appealing to Man's ''Base Desire'', ''She'' appears on the side of lonely and dark roads. Looking rather lovely, a Man will stop and offer Her a ride. Initially, One cannot entirely ''see'' Her face due to the long hair. Once inside, should a Man ''look'' upon Her ''full visage'' they will die of fright. Another variation is that the victim ''sees'' a hideous Skull only. A more oft told version, is that La Sayona looks and appears as a ''normal'' Beauty. She allows cheating Men to have relations with Her and in this passes on Her ''curse. After intercourse, one's ''male components'' will blister and bubble as a warning of not to cheat. Obviously, ''La Sayona'' was used as a ''Cautionary'' and ''Warning'' Tale told to new Husbands to remind them of the ''evils'' of infidelity.......hopefully!