Sava Savanovic

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By Crusader1307

 Another tale of a rumored ''real'' Vampire from History, Sava Savanovic was a Serbian Man who lived in the 17th Century. According to local folklore, He lived near a Water Mill (possibly a Hermit), and was seen as a ''cast down'' person – shunned by all. The overall cause for this may be related to ''His'' condition as a vampire (or simply labeled one out of dislike). Savanovic was rumored to drink blood (although it was said that both Human and Animal would do). Some cite that ''He'' was created as a myth to keep children and the wayward from wandering into the local woods or crossing fast moving rivers, ending in becoming lost or death. His legend changes with the centuries, but Savanovic is still a popular folklore figure, actually embraced for his spookiness. Attempts have been made to reconstruct an 18th Century Water Mill on the reputed site of His ''Liar'', as an attempt to foster tourism (similar to the infamous and equally false, ''Castle Dracula'').