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By Crusader1307

 Most Cultures have a myth regarding a ''kindly'' Spirit Being responsible for sleep and dreams. Western Culture calls Him The ''Sandman''. With most of these stories, ''He'' comes at night and ''sprinkles'' magical ''sand'' (or sometimes dust), into the eyes of sleepy Children (and some Adults). As a result of instant sleep, the recipient receives ''pleasant dreams''. Most portrayed in art and Literature as an ''Old Man'' often wearing a sleeping gown and cap – The Sandman actually still endures as a Childhood ''fable''. However, in some Countries, The Sandman takes on an almost ''demonic'' guise. In the darker vein, The Sandman ''prowls'' the night ion search of Children who disobey their Parents and fail to fall to sleep. These Children have ''sand'' thrown into their eyes – which causes them to ''fall out'' The Sandman then collects the errant eyeballs and takes them back to The Moon (where He lives) – and ''feeds them to His Children!'' Back to the more ''gentle version'' – it is said that the dried fluid often expelled from the eye at night (for some) – and called humorously as ''sleep'', is in reality the dried sand that The Sandman threw the night before.