• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The ''Rokurokubi'' are a form of Japanese Yokai, who while ''appearing'' Human (Male and Female) they have the ability to ''extend'' their neck (and by virtue their head), many feet above their body! There are several ''kinds'' of Rokurokubi. One can actually have their head ''leave the body''. Becoming ''confused'' when asleep, these species of Yokai can ''lose their heads'' when they don't return to their bodies (these are called ''Nukekubi'').\Some of the Type are said to be ''blood drinkers'', but not necessarily like their ''fanged Cousins'' in European Lore. It is unclear of their origins, and some ''Arcane Historians'' say that The Rokurokubi may only be a Literary ''Phantom''.