Raven Tales

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By Crusader1307

''Raven Tales'' are a component of indigenous Native American Peoples storytelling. Found mostly among the tribes of The Pacific Northwest (although some isolated examples can be found on The Eastern Coast of America), the majority of these stories are relative to Creation ideology (or how Native America's reckoned their existence). As we have seen previously, The Raven (Bird), featured in many of these tales. Either perceived as a God or Demi-God by some Tribes, in most cases – The Raven is seen as a ''Trickster'', often fooling Humankind into doing some activity opposite of His nature. The Raven is also used to illustrate cautionary tales, to promote how a Warrior should behave (or not) and as a ''harbinger'' of both Good and Bad Omens. Some tribes create a variance in color – being either Black, White, Blue or Red.