• Demons and Devils
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By Crusader1307

Relative to Balinese Mythology, ''Rangda'' is a Demon Queen. She commanded an Army of Witches and took great delight in consuming Human Babies. All in all NOT a pleasant Deity or story. Her visage when personified is meant to convey terror and horror. ''Rangda'' has become a main component in ''Learning Stories'' (Epics), used to convey caution or other lessons learned to The Balinese Peoples. Although seen as ''Evil'' She can be invoked to protect The Island of Bali from harm. Performers ''stage'' Rangda in traditional costume made of reeds and straw. Her ''face'' is always demonic, with a large maw (mouth) from which are placed fangs. In the Balinese concept of ''Good and Evil'' Rangda takes the ''Evil'' Role.