Rabbit's Foot

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

 The Rabbit Foot is a common form of ''Good Luck Charm'', used by many Cultures throughout The World. The origins of The Charm date back perhaps many Centuries. It would become a popular Talisman in The United States in the 19th Century. However, unlike most perceptions, not just any Rabbit or it's appendage can be used. By Custom, especially in The Southern US, the rabbit used must be killed in or near a Cemetery. Only the hindfoot can be cut off. Further, more ''Luck'' is associated with the foot – if taken on a Friday. Properly treated for preservation, The Foot is worn or carried on the person. Some origin story state that The Rabbit Foot must come from a Shapeshifting Witch (when She or He have changed into a Rabbit). This will give ''Her'' magical powers to He who wears ''Her Foot''. Modern Arcane Historians associate The Rabbit Foot with the previously discussed ''Hand of Glory'', as a ''Commoner'' version of that mystical Talisman of Power.