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By Crusader1307

A Native American (Alaskan) Inuit Tribal Legend, The Qlaupalik is also a tale known in Greenland and portions of Canada, as well. Centuries old, these are Creatures said to inhabit the cold and icy waters of The Great White North. The Qlaupalik resemble a part-Human part-Reptilian creature. They try and lure Inuit Children away from their Villages, using various illusions only seen by a Child. After coming too close, The Qlaupalik steal them away, hiding them in a special coat called a ''amuatik''. The Qlaupalik are said to be incapable of procreation. As such they steal babies and raise them as their own. Through enchantments, as the child ''grows'' he or she will gradually become Qlaupalik.