• The Paranormal World
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By Crusader1307

While ''Pyrokinesis'' is an oft used plot for Fantasy and Horror Films and related genre the supposed actual theory of Pyrokinesis is a Person's ability to ''create'' flame or actual fire simply by the use of their Mind (through controlled mental force). One of the first examples of a Human with this ''supernatural'' ability is cited in The United States in the 19th Century AD. One A.W. Underwood, a former Slave had the ability to rub His hands together blow His breath upon His hands, and ''create'' fire! He used this ''talent'' to earn money and was billed by a number of Carnival Side Shows as The ''Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch''. Naturally investigated, it was determined that Underwood used trickery. Others through the years have ''claimed'' to have such abilities with just about every example of their ''power'' deemed a Hoax. No photographic or other Scientific evidence had ever been found or concluded that Humans can ''create'' fire with their least not yet!