Pyramid Texts

  • Funerary Customs & Traditions
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By Crusader1307

One of the earliest forms of Egyptian Funerary Practice, ''Pyramid Texts'' were a series of specific Prayers and instructions written for a deceased Pharaoh or Noble. These texts were inscribed thought their burial Chamber inside a Pyramid on walls and interior structures). One of the oldest discovered dates to 2,400 BC. These texts were important to help guide The Spirit of a Pharaoh nightly, on His journey to The Afterlife. At the beginnings of a Ritual, Priests would recite various opening Prayers and Rites, as a kind of ''activation'' of the texts. This was needed so The Spirit could ''access'' His or Her ''Spells''. The Pyramid Texts would eventually be replaced by Coffin Texts (beginning in 2,181 BC).