Pu Som Fao Sap

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By Crusader1307

Deriving from Thail Culture – The Pu Som Fao Sap is a ''Guardian Spirit'' that is ''invoked'' to guard One's treasure. It was common for wealthy Thai in ancient times, to bury or hide their wealth in caves. To keep bandits out, a local Shaman was hired to summon forth a Pu Som Fao Sap. The Spirit appears as an ''Elderly Old Man''. In this guise, ''He'' presents ''no obstacle'' to a Thief. But this is a ruse. The Pu Som Fao Sap transforms into a fierce Demon, with fangs and claws – to rip apart the Thief. Even today, statuary icons are sold to traditionalist Thai to keep near their valuables for ''protection''.