Psychic Driving

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By Crusader1307

Long speculated at, the theory of ''Psychic Driving'' was claimed to have been the result of several ''programs'' initiated by The US Government (and others), by which chosen Subjects had their very Minds ''erased'' and replaced with mentalities that were ''required'' for various espionage Missions. To create this ''control'', once a Mind was ''wiped'' a series of visual images and recorded sound was played over and over, until the required ''effect'' of Memory needed was achieved. Often the use of psychotrophic drugs were used to ''help'' enhance this ''effect''. Hotly debated by The US Government as being strictly a ''Science-Fiction'' and conspiracy ploy, ''They'' state'' that such ''experiments'' were never attempted (but ''researched''). However, some ''truths'' came to light when some ''Political Prisoners'' held at The US Base in Guantanamo, Cuba were supposedly subjected to such. In fact , Conspiracy Theory cites a particular ''Project Orange''. Similar in description to the classic 1960s film ''The Manchurian Candidate'' in which a captured American Officer of The Korean War is ''brainwashed'' given a ''pre-developed'' Memory (in this case to kill The US President when He receives His ''trigger'' image or word). It has been put forth that such an Operation was used to use Sirhan Sirhan to assassinate Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy in 1968.