• Funerary Customs & Traditions
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By Crusader1307

With the very real concern among Funeral Directors and Morticians the World 'round, of ''running out of space'' – with regards to the actual ''physical burial'' of ''Clients'', many have chosen to ''suggest'' other methods of facilitating One's ''Final Journey''. And while Cremation is the most ''effective way'' of rendering a Deceased Person (to ash material, powered bone fragments – really) into a more effective ''space saving'' process – there is ANOTHER method currently being sought after.....Promession. ''Discovered'' in Sweden around 1997, the process involves the freeze drying of a Corpse, via a special cryogenic chamber. Once frozen ''solid'', the physical body is ''broken down into portions''. These portions are then subject to vibration (sound intensity), which in turn ''renders'' them into ''dust'' (powder). This is then treated via a chemical process to remove any ''impurities''. The end result is a compound which can be (and is) used to off-set organic composting. So, should One ''wish'' to be of ''use'' in The Afterlife, They can become ''potable material'' for both plant growth and food production........(Of Course!)