Prince of Darkness

  • Demons and Devils
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By Crusader1307

While the Title ''Prince of Darkness'' is instantly linked to ''Old Scratch'' (The Devil, Satan, Lucifer) many cite that it's origins came from The Western Bible. In reality, ''Prince of Darkness'' is not a biblical term, but one ''developed'' and ''promulgated'' by English Poet, John Milton in the 17th Century AD. It was used to describe Lucifer (The Devil) in His epic and time honored tome ''Paradise Lost''. Describing the classical interpretation of The War in Heaven between God's Angels and a rebellious Lucifer (Angel) and His Followers, and the subsequent expulsion from Heaven of Lucifer and His Minions into Hades. The Title ''Prince of Darkness'' is a play in Lucifer's ''former Title'' of ''Angel of Light''. As Ruler in Hades, ''Prince'' was associated with His function as Ruler. The Title is also ''mentioned'' in the apocryphal ''Gospel of Nicodemus'' (a possible 4th Century AD ''Lost Gospel''). However, based on actual proof of Authorship and claims of forgery, this work is often discredited.