• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

A component in some forms of 17th Century AD Folk Magic The ''Poppet'' is a type of hand fashioned ''Doll''. They are used to influence victims into ''physical actions'' not of their choosing. The ''Poppet'' can be made from Clay, Tree Branches, Potatoes or a variety of organic materials. They are often seen as a European version of The Haitian and African ''Voodoo Doll''. Considered another form of ''Sympathetic Magic'' (in that One must ''believe'' The Poppet will take over your will), some say that a Poppet can also be used to counter such spells. In this format, The Poppet must be made from materials used by the victim (so as to infuse The Poppet with their ''Spirit'' or ''Energy''.