Pope Honorius' Grimoire

  • The Occult
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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, ''Grimoires'' were ''Magic (Spell Casting) ''textbooks'' – often compiled by Practitioners of The ''Dark Arts''. Some were also associated with Witchcraft. It would therefore seem strange that a Catholic Pope would compile (write) His ''own'' version. While many Historians will state that the so-called ''Grimoire of Pope Honorius'' was a piece of ''literary pomp'' designed to ''cash in'' on the popular ''Demonology'' essays and related works popular in the 17th Century AD. As to why The Grimoire was supposedly written by a Pope? If genuine, many think that it is an example of using ''Evil to Fight Evil''. Written ''for'' Priests and related Clergy – The Grimoire details spells and such to combat Demons and The Devil. The Catholic Church finds no historical proof of such a book being authorized – by a Papal Leader or otherwise.