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By Crusader1307

 In a Tale part Urban Legend and part actual criminal ''activity'' – the term ''Pishtaco'' will actually mean different things to different people who live in South America (in particular, The Andes Region). ''They'' are said to be evil creatures, who had never been human (but somewhat resemble them). The Pishtaco hunts, captures and eventually kills it's prey (Man, Woman or Child), with the goal of removing any body fat, rendering it (cooking) – and consuming it! The origins of this off ''Entity'' actually has a historical linage – that of The Spanish occupation and colonization of South America in the 15th Century AD. Many of those Natives saw The Spanish as ''White Devils'', having never before seen such. Everything they did was seen as different and potentially dangerous. A rumor began to circulate among some of the Local tribes, that The ''Devils'' would kill Natives and use their body fat for a variety of needs. From lubrication to actual medical cures, soon the word ''Pishtaco'' (or ''to cleave and devour'') – would become a Native ''watch word''. In time, these ''Entities'' were even seen as cannibal Demons that even ate the flesh. In reality, some Spanish Colonists began to prepare Pork Skins (fried) as a delicacy. The Natives felt that they were actually eating ''people''.

In time, a separate ''Demon'' developed from The Pishtaco mythos. Small and voracious ''monsters'', they only hunt at night. They are noted for a long extension of ''flesh'' that can ''pop'' from their mouth. This ''device'' is like a ''suction pump'', which has sharp fangs at the opening. Once ''expelled from the mouth (but still connected), the creatures can ''drink down'' the boiled ''source of nourishment''.Their ''groups'' will bring great iron pots to cook down their victims for their fat. And while it is said they can be killed as one can any human – they were to be avoided (in the high Andes Mountains). This ''Legend'' would take such serious route over 400 odd years, that a very modern issue would develop from The Pishtacos. In 2009, severe famine rocked the Region, which brought International Aid (Food). It also brought Medical Staff to conduct studies of those effected. One method of study, involved the measuring of body fat to determine the long term effects of the famine's malnutrition. Word spread, that these ''foreign Monsters'', were actually in league with The Pishtacos, using their ''studies'' as mask to target those who The Pishtacos would then ''find and eat''. Coupled with this superstition, over 60 people were killed by local Gangs – harvesting human fat for sale to unrelated medical studies. Real or imagined, The mythos of The Pishtacos are still very MUCH alive today.