Pignora Imperii

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By Crusader1307

According to Ancient Roman belief, the very existence of The Empire was linked to various ''Sacred Objects'' which as long as they were kept ''safe and maintained'' meant that The Empire would endure. The task of this protection was left to the various Sects of The Vestal Priestesses. History states that these examples of what was known as Pignora Imperii were a wooden statue of The Goddess Minerva, which was once housed in The City of Troy (surviving destruction). In addition, a collection of Shields which reputedly came from The God Mars, and were given to the Second Ruler of Rome. These traditions would remain for generations as staples of Roman Culture and it's religious connections. When Rome became Christian under Emperor Constantine I, it was decreed that in addition to the extinguishing of The Vestal Flame, all Pignora Imperii were destroyed.