Phaya Naga

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By Crusader1307

From Vietnam Mythology, The Phaya Naga are a type of Serpent-Like Creatures, said to live in The Mekong Delta of South Vietnam. They are said to be ''intelligent Creatures'' capable of moving from this level of existence to an ''otherworldly'' One. The Naga are said to sometimes manifest into ''glowing Fireballs'' (often seen along The River). They are also related to Demi-Gods. Physical evidence of their ''passing'' through an Area is that they leave scorch marks on trees, road and sometimes houses. Their encounters go back many Centuries and they are very much believed in to this day. The Naga (when not in ''fire'' guise) are likened to small Dragons. Icons of them are frequently kept in homes and Temples as a means of acknowledging their ''existence''.